How to make a decoupage


Decoupage  is the art of decorating objects by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto it and painting the object for different effects.

You Will Need:

One plain piece of rectangle wood with2 holes at the top

  • Emulsion paint.
  • Blow dryer
  • Sharpie marker
  • Coloured  ribbon
  • Wrapping paper

Steps to make a decoupage:

Step 1: First choose your background  colours and paint them onto your rectangle wood piece. .I have chosen light blue and yellow because it looks like a beach, but you can choose whatever colours you want.

Step 2: Second blow dry your paint so it will dry quicker  but don’t paint a thick layer or it will not dry.

Step 3: Cut pieces of the wrapping paper in the shapes of roof tops, chimney, tiny door shapes, squares and rectangles chimney cut pieces. To make it interesting use different wrapping paper for the shapes.

Step 4: After your paint has dried stick on the wrapping paper in house shapes and then stick on the doors and windows and chimneys.

Step 5: Then after the wrapping paper is stuck on and is dry take PVA glue and paint it allover the rectangle piece of wood to give it a gloss shine.

Step 6: Later when the glue has dried go around the houses in sharpie marker.

Step 7: When you have finished that get your coloured ribbon and in the 2 holes on top pull it through the 2 holes at the top and tie a bow .

Well done you have finished.